Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Petronas Offshore Safety Passport FAQ


1. How can we log in to eOSP and where can we find the URL link for eOSP application ? 

For PETRONAS Carigali's Staff, you may use your PETRONAS e-mail username and password to login to eOSP. But, if you are PETRONAS Carigali's Contractor Focal 
Point; you are required to request an ID from PETRONAS Carigali's Sponsoring Department. If you are PETRONAS Carigali's Contractor Staff, you are not allowed to login to the system.Please consult with your company for further clarification. The URL can be found at PETRONAS web portal.

2. Can anybody apply for eOSP i.e onshore activities ?
Not everybody can apply OSP card. It is only caters for those working offshore.

3. Who can we refer to, if we can't log in through the system ?
You can refer to the admin list as listed in eOSP.

4. Is the eOSP application accessible from any locations ?
It is a web based application therefore; you can apply through the internet for Contractors or the intranet for PETRONAS staff.

5. Is the security information in this system secured and confidential ?
All information keyed in the system is secured and managed professionally by trained personnel.

6. How can we register our Company through eOSP ?
You are required to fill up [Company registration form] which is available at the Sponsoring Department.

7. What is the Category A, B, C & D of the eOSP application ?
Refer to [Features] located at the homepage.

8. Can we collect our OSP card at any locations ?

9. Can we undergo the medical assessment other than that is approved by PETRONAS Carigali AME list?  Answer
No, except for medical assessment certified by UKOAA, OGUK, International SOS, SHELL or Exxon Mobil.

10. Can we undergo BOSIET training other than those approved PETRONAS Carigali Training Center?
No, except for training centers certified by OPITO or OGUK

11. What is the validity for our medical report?
2 years.

12. Can we use SHELL safety passport to onboard PETRONAS platform?

13. If our medical certificate has expired but the BOSIET training is still valid, should we attach the training certificate again when renewing our OSP card?
No, you are only required to attach new medical certificate.

14. Can the Company keep the OSP card when its employee has resigned from the current job?
No, the OSP card should be returned to any of the PETRONAS Carigali OSP Admins as stated in the list.

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